“When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels”

I don’t know why, but that’s what the title told me it wanted to be tonight. Ask it for an explanation.


Minor Big News: We got SNOW tonight! 4 inches, to be exact. And, look, a knitting pic to keep you interested – A’s socks on the snow:

I think I have 3.5″ done yet. I haven’t measured, and shan’t until I can’t bear to knit the calves any longer. They’re providing a nice meditative knit. Especially during the whole post-Presidential speech cacophony tonight. Oy. Mum had to leave the room she was so angry with “that idoit &^##@%&O Bush”. Right-O. You should have heard the debate in our living room, I think we put the TV pundits to shame.

At the moment, my family and I are at loggerheads. I never thought we should have gone into Iraq in the first place. But, I just as deeply believe now that we cannot leave Iraq in the midst of the chaos that we created. So, here’s MY outline for fixing the bloody situation:

  1. Impeach Bush, Cheney, and everyone within spitting distance of them. If you can’t impeach them, arrest them.
  2. Sic the IRS on Haliburton, AUDIT the fVckers
  3. That said, get the actual Military over there. Don’t farm it all out to blood-sucking contracters and middle-men – give the soldiers the bloody body armor we (the citizens) paid to have made and are currently paying to have stored here. And, if we’re gonna send more troops over, at least send over an amount that’ll be of some fricking use.
  4. Call France and beg for forgiveness (and help)
  5. IMPEACH Bush and Cheney
  6. Call the UN and beg for aid (again, and actually give them the protection they’re entitled to this time)
  7. Call Egypt and Jordan and ask for their help as mediators – pointedly ignoring Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran. Yes, IGNORE them. What are they gonna do? Make faces at us from across the border??
  8. Give Congress a good kick
  9. Force the Iraqis to assemble as a group
  10. Did I mention to IMPEACH everyone involved in starting this stupid war?
  11. Kick Congress again

How’s that sound, huh? I think it makes tons of sense and would work. But, you know, I like my plans simple and to the point.

Moving on.

It has been mentioned before that we own a very strange dog. TheBon and St M enjoy spoiling him rotten when they visit. Tonight we found out that Charlie looooves trying to catch snowballs. He would actually whine until my brother or I made one up and threw it for him…

(he actually ate them, too… weird dog)

As we went for a walk [‘nother 1mi to add on!] (watching the dog act sillier in the snow than a barrelful of toddlers), Emm and I got into the spirit. We started drawing smily-faces on every car we passed…

And, once we got to the neighborhood park, decided that we were overdue for snow angels…

And a snowman. Sorry this one is sideways, but I just didn’t want to edit it again. Bugger it.

Of course, when Charlie saw it he thought it was a giant snowball and tried to eat it…

(he’s blond, he can’t help it)

And here’s one pic that I took using the night scene setting on my digicam (ye-ah, that worked)

And that’s about it. I am amazed that you’ve made it thus far. You must be bored. I am. I’ll give all y’all an update on The Visit tomorrow. I think we’ve finally got it all ironed out. I’m gonna get to have my sister’s South Bay house to myself for 3 days… anyone up for a Knitting Rave?

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