It is better to busy one’s self about the smallest thing in the world than to treat a half hour as worthless
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’m staring at the screen currently, as I try and recall everything that has happened in the past 48 hours. Scanning back.

Oh, yes. At approximately 1400 hours Emmett arrived home. I went into the kitchen as he ran into his room to go onto WOW, and soon heard keening. Apparently his computer had died. He proceeded to rant and rave (and blame it on Dad) and try to convince me to help him fix it. I just stared at him, “Emm, you know I only work software.”

Didn’t matter. Somehow I ended up sitting under his desk pulling at wires and prodding sharp and shiny bits. He admitted that he might have short-circuited the harddrive when he cleaned it that morning. I sighed.

He went on ranting for a while, as I stared at the hopped-upped monstrosity that was his computer and wondered why he thought I could fix it. I never found that out.

I finally told him that I had errands to run and chores to complete.

So, at 16oo hours, I walked over to the post office (2 mi added onto my total) to mail Crimson‘s embarassingly late Christmas gifts, L’s surprise and a thank-you skein of handspun yarn for another L. By the time I got back, the sun was setting and I desperately wanted to rest my aching feet.

When I arrived home, I was informed that Emm had built another computer (don’t ask, just don’t) and wanted me to look at it. Right-O. I finally escaped the Gaming Lair, as I am now calling it.

I sat down and got a ton of spinning done. All of my yarn for the Winter Handspun Yarn Swap is finished (I need to dip-dye one skein and make one gift), so I started on a quicky project. The fiber that TheBon and I had dyed last Sunday. It had felted horribly, so rather than fight it I just let it spin up the way it wanted:

Super bulky and uneven. I actually really like it. It reminds me rather forcefully of Manos. Only, since it’s Navajo-Churro, it’s incredibly scratchy and hairy. Hopefully, it shall become a crochet rug soon enough. I have 180 yards of super-duper bulky yarn (seriously, I’d knit this on 13’s or 15’s) and want to use it. (I actually finished the last half of this skein tonight)

Right about when I’d had enough of scratchy, scratchy wool and finicky Rambouillet – Charlie started wheezing. He then proceeded to throw up 4 or 5 times, while I scrubbed the carpet twice (I got him into the kitchen for the latter half of the fun) and tried to get him to just sit down and drink some water (the last thing I needed was for him to get dehydrated).

He spent the rest of the evening whining at me and following me everywhere I went. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to get anything done and went to bed early. Because I am not as mean as I’d like to pretend I am, I actually went downstairs and slept in my parents’ bed so Charlie wouldn’t have to sleep alone (I have a loft-bed, remember). Thus proceeded one of the worst nights of sleep of my life.

How does a dog even snore??

Anyway. I was going to take Charlie on a loooong walk today, but it turns out that walking 2 mi in clogs isn’t too good for your feet. I couldn’t even put on my sneakers today and actually tried to apologize to the dog, who just gave me this look.

Bloody mongrel.

I took a nap at that point, got up and knit and spun a bit.

It is also worth mentioning that I have been battling WordPress for the past 48 hours (off and on) and have decided that we have inreconcilable differences. It won’t behave and I won’t compromise. So, oh well. Blogger seems to be the only server that doesn’t make me want tear my hair out.

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