Why was I born with such contemporaries?
Oscar Wilde

2297 spam emails in my Gmail spam box. Oy.

Anyway. Positive news. I have finished the first Campanula mitt (including weaving in the ends AND blocking it, so neeeeh) and am getting close to finishing the second:

Aren’t they pretty? I love this yarn. I’m hoping my Winter Handspun Swap partner feels the same about what I sent to her. I found out from USPS that she received yesterday, so I can post pix now. Here’s the two skeins I spun and the scarf I knit for her:

The reddish one is Cormo/ Rambouillet, the variegated is Merino/Tencel, and the scarf was knit lengthwise using up scraps of my extra-special thrums (handspun and the like).

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t sent Crimson and TheBon their Wacky Ducky Contest Prizes (I sometimes wonder myself until I remember that) it’s because I am completely and utterly mentally blocked. I truly cannot figure out what to make for them. Someone tell me what to do, please. I’ll do it, I swear.

I also have to spin up some yarn for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap 3 (sendouts are on Jan 28, so I need to get a move on) and finish crafting for the Tea Time Swap (sendouts: 2/5, so I’ve got some time even tho my partner already sent to me…). I feel guilty crafting for the swaps when I haven’t finished up prior engagements.



In RL news, St M, TheBon, and TheBoy and I shall be assisting Emmos move her stash, clothing, and other crafting items into her NEW (1st!!!) HOUSE tomorrow! I’m so excited for her. I need to work on her house warming gift, too.


Anyone else noticing the fact that I have a terrible tendency to overcommit myself?

But here’s something to distract us all from my responsible scheduling inabilities, and it gives me another reason to love the Italians. Only they would construct a giant knitted pink bunny for mountain climbers to scale and rest on:

Anyone else want to go climbing in Italy right now??

Edited to add:

  • forgot to mention last night that I did 1 mi yesterday (have the blister to prove it, my feet are actively rebelling now)
  • all Dulaan projects finished! plus several hats from friends to ship with
  • new antidepressant working better (much rejoicing on this end), tho I’d like to tweak it a bit next time I see Dr A.

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