The well bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves.
Oscar Wilde

Have you ever heard the old adage: “Two Jews, three opinions.”??

Nah, me neither. I live it, instead.

Again with the familial debates. My family is faaaar too educated. Well, except for Dad (if you knew him, you’d laugh at that comment). We actually had to explain the differences between Samurai and Ninja to him tonight. Asking two anime freaks and a Japanese-art enthusiast might not have been the smartest decision he’s made this month.


I am nearly finished with one sleeve of the toddler raglan wrap. The handspun mitts are nearing completion – I must knit the thumb, weave in the ends and steam block the second mitt. I have finished my Tea Time Swap parcel and shall, hopefully, ship it tomorrow. Along with some yarn for Opus (who is ever so much easier to pick out yarn for).

We helped Emmos “move” today. Apparently, my definition of “move” is different than hers. She thought we should clean all the surfaces and put up masking tape to paint. The furniture will be residing in the garage for the duration.

Right-O. I don’t think I could live for a week or more without furniture, but I know I’m crazy, so eh.

I’ve already offered to help her paint the “craft” room and master bedroom next weekend. Hell, I masked the moulding, I might as well paint as well.

I have no picture tonight. Sorry.

Final note: I really really really want crave to knit a sweater. It’s, like, eating me alive. This is what happened to me before I knit the Inverness raglan, so … hrm, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll finally settle down and write out that sweater formula I’ve been promising for months. Anyone feeling the urge to nudge me? (Once I finish swap projects, Wacky Ducky Contest prizes, family gifts, and “that Judaica thingy”… or at least one of these bloody things).

Buona notte.

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