Man usually avoids attributing cleverness to somebody else unless it is an enemy.
Albert Einstein

Like most Knitters, crochet has been one of the banes of my existence for, well, ever (*or so it seems, at times). A month or two ago I finally decided that I was NOT going to be defeated by any fiber art, no matter how difficult I find it. So I decided that, somehow, I would at least become competent at crochet.

Right. Much easier said than done. I can happily report that I am crocheting a rug (circular, too!) and it actually looks, well, rug-like. Amazing, eh? I also pulled out a crochet hook tonight, because I didn’t have short enough DPNs for the task, and attempted amigurumi.

Mum said it looked like a lizard.

Well, at least it didn’t look like a lump, right?

Anyway. So goes my progress.

Tonight was Madame DeFarge’s Knitting Night. We actually met up with D and arranged for the Corset-A-Long to start next Monday. I am resisting the urge to rejoice too loudly. That silk dupioni is calling me, as is the coutille. I also have to finish that moderne, zippered corset I made.

D also lent me this tiny dino, so I could copy the pattern to make some for little D:

(also pictured with the completed Campanula mitts, set #2)

Isn’t that widdle dino soooo kawaii??? Don’t you just want to play with it? (I admit that I spent 1/2 an hour playing with the set she brought). Oh, you know you do.

Soooo… yeah. I think that’s everything. Oh, wait, I did 2 mi today. Must remember that for the sidebar. And I’ve also only got an inch left on one sleeve of the wraplan. I need to update the Guild calendar now…

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