My goodness, I have so much to report that I’m not even gonna bother with a quote tonight. I got up quite early and went over to the EMU (1mi to report, too) and got started on cleaning the Guild office.

How is it that yarn manages to tangle itself when no one has touched it in months???

I got through 2 of the many boxes of donated yarn, wool, and other sundries in 3 hours. I managed to separate the fiber from the yarn from the knitting needles and spindles that had been shoved in. Well, in two of the boxes. I’m afraid of our inner room right now *whimpers*.

Luckily, I checked all the wool and there’s no sign of moths or casings.

I managed to also get some of the natural yarns (cotton, wool, etc) rewound and contained, some of the Red Heart detangled from the rat’s nest of box #2 and put into our Learn to Knit Box, and some of the designer yarns put into another box.

So, after three hours, the outer office looked like this:

… almost respectable and everything.

I took off for an hour (not included in the 3 hours of detangling frustration) to visit with TheBon and run around the EMU. Bon took some very cool pictures of my Campanula mitts (2) and the gold fish in the courtyard amidst our attempts to find food, chocolate, and detangle even more yarn (are you getting the impression that the Guild has a lot of yarn?).

After spending too much time under fluorescent lighting I got to spend another hour interviewing at a local market for a cashier’s position. Before that, I let my Mum have her way with my hair (I’m still debating the pro’s and con’s of that decision) and even put on make-up. Blech.

I then came home, made dinner and finished up all the little items to go in my magic yarn ball for varandra. It took me a while, but I finally figured out what I could include in it (took some extreme craft stalking, too). I also started in on the handspun yarn for her. I think I can finish it in a day or two and then wrap up the thing and send it.

Also, I just discovered that L is working on an Elizabethan noblewoman’s gown. OMG. Look at these sleeves!! Who else wants to raid her wardrobe?? Or, maybe her fabric stash?

I can’t wait for the Corset-A-Long to start!! I may just have to make a sidebar button and everything… Anyone else in???

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