How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile,
On every golden scale!

Lewis Carroll

My inability to knit mini-dinos cannot be disputed. Here’s all the photographic evidence I need:

Notice the cute, symmetrical, and NOT lumpy OR lopsided green dino D knit. And the 3 other ones I made in 3 failed attempts. The chibi is there for scale. The only dino I’m even remotely proud of is the “icthiosaurus”. Though it was meant to be a brontosaurus.


Another “oops” to report is my rather impressive sprained ankle today. I was walking the dog with Mum this morning and my left ankle just went “kaput” on me. I landed on my digicam (luckily uninjured) and tore the hell out of my left hand and shin. Mum and I picked out several pieces of gravel from my palm. Joy.

So, clearly, no mileage tonight. We immediately went home, put ice on my ankle, elevated my foot and I got to sit there for several of the most boring hours ever. I couldn’t get up to get anything or spin. I was stuck knitting a scarf.


I finally got my laptop and spent quite some time updating the progress and feedback of the participants of both my swaps. A major achievement, I tell you. I don’t know how I keep convincing myself to organize swaps.

But, yeah. Not much progress to relate. I’m falling behind on the yarn for the MYB swap, and am seriously considering pulling out my Louet spindle.

This has to be the most boring and inane blog post I’ve made yet. That’s it, I’m stopping now.

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