In creating, the only hard thing is to begin: a grass blade’s no easier to make than an oak.
James Russell Lowell

In an effort to forget about my many WIP’s this evening, I started another project. Oh, yes, I did. I have been staring at that gorgeous cormo/ rambouillet mix knitwit sent me in the August Handspun Swap for too long. I finally decided to swatch and find a pattern to match, since my creative genius is seriously lacking right now. I narrowed it down to Hexed and the Tea Cozy Hat (both by Woolly Wormhead), and since the gauge matched the latter, I ended up casting on my very own tea cozy hat:

Even better, it turns out the original Tea Cozy Hat was made with handspun yarn, as well. I think I’m gonna take that as A Sign. Hopefully that I’ll actually get this hat done in a reasonable amount of time.

Anyway. Long day. I had to get pin-backs for a swap (I’ve been needing them for a looong while, anyway). I tried to follow Penny’s advice, and it mostly worked (thank you, Penny!). I did finally collapse at around 5:30 this evening from the unpleasant combination of a migraine and throbbing ankle (some days I really, really hate going to Costco).

Somewhere in there, I promise my mother that I’d make Pollo pomodoro minestro (chicken tomato soup) in two night’s time. Sooo, that’ll be another recipe I’ll put up (I usually wing it, but this time I’ll write down all the ingredients and everything). My soup’s kick @ss, if I do say so myself.

And, uh, that’s everything. I have another contest to put up. I have some stitch markers to fob off on the winner.

Oh, and I wanted to ask for feedback. Is it wrong or weird that I put “18+ preferred” on the age requirement for the Hogwarts Houses Swap? It’s says preferred, not only. I figured if -18-year-olds would want to participate, they’d still send me their info, but apparently they think I’ll bite them or something :(

Am I crazy? I just find that, most often, underage swappers can have issues fulfilling their swapping duties (I have had some great high school student swap partners, but the majority… hrm). Opinions?

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