but my blog seems to have disappeared :( I was playing around with the new Blogger/ Google settings … and I have no idea what I did.

I’m hoping that, if I post, maybe the feed will kick-start itself again. It’s a stupid idea, I admit that now, but it’s worth a shot, eh?

St M, Emm, and I went to dinner together tonight. We ordered practically the whole left side of the menu. The waiter practically cackled with sadistic glee when he saw the looks on our faces when he brought over everything.


Thank heavens Emm is a teenaged-boy, since he finished off the majority of it for us.

In other news, I want to make this.

Now I have to go and hunt down my blog. Toodles.

P.S. The banana silk dyed just gorgeously. Yes, I am going to just torment you with that bit of info and no picture.

And I figured it out, the blog’s been moved to http://fyberduck.blogspot.com/index.html Sorry guys for the confusion.

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