I’m sorry, I promise a better post tomorrow. Quick things to list:

  1. I received my Magic Yarn Ball!! *squee* I promise I’ll post pics tomorrow. I’m having trouble with the pattern, but LOVE everything my partner made/ sent me.
  2. Charlie has been following me around like a baby duck. I finally tricked him into going into the basement to make my escape earlier.
  3. The reversible brioche scarf is a very nice and simple knit. Mindless is really the right word.
  4. I started on A’s socks again today.
  5. I am going to Olympia for 2 – 3 days, and leaving on Tuesday. I get to help with house hunting. I also need to cut my stuff by 1/2. Excluding the stash. The stash stays.

That’s all I can think of right now. Oh, I need to update my mileage on the sidebar.

And SICKNITS LIVES again! Come and snark with us.

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