I’m completely crazy, but I had an idea for a children’s picture book this evening. I doodle the same little sheep a lot (her name is Lana). She shows up on the pages of my calendar, my notes, whatever. She always looks inquisitive, too. Tonight I wanted to draw her with another sheep (her older brother, Tessus) and a sheepdog (their friend Linus). On top of giving them names, I also came up with a title for said children’s story.

Clearly, I am insane. This diagnosis is further proven by the fact that I spent the next 1/2 hour pondering why they looked so curious and puzzled. And I decided that they were on a quest to find out where all the wool goes.

See? I am insane.

Anyway. Moving on.

I promised (several days ago) that I’d post pix of the marvelous goodies my partner, varandra, from the Magic Yarn Ball Swap 3, sent me. Here’s the box everything was hidden in:

And the box, opened, with all the goodies still inside (before Mum got to it)

After letting Mum pull out everything she could find in the ball (she was having too much fun, IMO), I rewound the yarn into sensible balls. Here’s the yarn (Garnstudio’s Silk/Alpaca) with my favourite items:

– A Wallace and Gromit knitting graph book!!!
– Handknit wristers
– 3 embroidered felt magnet/clips
– Fruits de Bois tea (OMG!!)
(and, of course, the sumptuous sumptuous yarn)

Now, here’s everything:

I’m still amazed she managed to get everything IN there. Wow. My magic yarn ball skills need some practice. Here’s the list of everything:
– a rubber duck shower cap
– a pink ducky toothbrush holder
– Salta – salted licorice candies
– Zoo – fruit candies (animal shaped)
– chocolate that’s already been eaten
– a spicey licorice lolly-pop
– “Let’s Talk” post-it notes
– 2 cabled bag patterns
– stickers!
– 3 winter post cards
– an “angora” rabbit charm (he might just end up on my cell phone…)
– an Ikea bag (I’m gonna have to guard this with my life out here)
– a glow-in-the-dark/ reflective zipper ghost
– and a really cool collapsible PINK gift box

Just… wow. I <3 swaps majorly.

And, um, I’ve forgotten everything else I was gonna write. That chamomile tea has gone straight to me brain *yawn*. Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow. Salve.

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