Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary

Main Entry: with·draw·al
Function: noun
a : the discontinuance of administration or use of a drug
b : the syndrome of often painful physical and psychological symptoms that follows discontinuance of an addicting substance (a heroin addict going through withdrawal)

I made the idiotic decision two days ago to go off the Celexa cold turkey. Yesterday I felt awful. Today was worse. Mum finally diagnosed me as having symptoms of withdrawal (I actually had cold sweats, y’all). Great. Apparently, Celexa (aka citalopram) affects the body’s serotonin levels rather acutely. So, my stopping intake completely threw my body off-stride and was a very very bad idea. Mum commanded me to taper off, instead.

Which is something the doctor we talked to yesterday said nothing about (he gave me some samples of Strattera to hold me over until my regular doctor returns from vacation and we can apply for the Lilly program). I was simply informed to stop taking the Celexa and start in on the Strattera and report back in a week.

Mum wanted to publicly flog the doctor in question, and scolded me for some time for not asking her.

Oy. This all happened during The Moving of Mum. I hate packing, I hate snippy people, and all other things that come with a large move. I also didn’t have the energy to argue, feeling like I do. The boys actually got on my case for being “lazy”, until they noticed that I wasn’t looking too good. (These two aren’t the most observant creatures on the face of the planet)

So, finally, the boys and Mum left to move her into her apartment (I’ll explain some other time why I didn’t go) and I went to lie in a dark room for several hours. I am feeling better now, hence the blog post.

I even made a pretty picture (okay, overstatement there) using Mr. Picassohead:

I don’t have any pictures of my knitting or spinning. I’m too embarrassed to post pix right now. The reversible brioche scarf is gonna have to be ripped (oy) since I actually dropped two stitches 6″ back and only just noticed it. Gee, I’m observant, aren’t I? Must be rubbing off from the boys.

I have one sleeve onto the wraplan (yay!) and the socks are past the heels. The socks sound fun right now. As does food (first time today). Loodles. And, thank you everyone for your support.

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