I promise I’ll bring back the quotes tomorrow night. I’m kinda having trouble remembering any right now.

Anyway. I found out this morning that varandra had made it to the center of the Magic Yarn Ball I made her! Here’s everything I sent (well, mostly, the yummies have mostly been eaten), and the scarf she made with the yarn I sent her:

Yummy. I want to make myself a scarf like that now (it took me 2 hours of combing through lace patterns to find one I liked, I admit). Of course, new projects are off-limits right now until I finish some WIPs. Or fix some of the mistakes in said WIPs. Take this for instance:

Look really, really closely at the reversible brioche scarf. See how the right side slants inward a bit? Yeah. I dropped two, not one, stitches several inches back. Thus preserving the brioche pattern, so I wouldn’t notice. Even my mistakes are clever, eh?

See, it always amuses the heck outta me when my knitting students look incredulous when I tell them that everyone drops stitches unintentionally, including me. They always act like I’m having them on.

Well, here is finally proof that advanced knitters can make beginner mistakes. And I have the photographic evidence to support it.

And, just because (because what, I have no idea) here’s a final terrifying photo for you (you are forewarned!). Mum and I were cleaning out the fridge. Somehow an enamel pot had been hidden way in the back, behind all the milk and eggs and jam and stuff. This is what greeted us when we took of the lid:

Talk about a science fair project gone wrong. Eugh, just looking at it I’m having scent flashbacks. Mum concluded it had been in the fridge since Thanksgiving. I just shuddered.

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