I’m so boring, I know, sorry. No quote tonight. Too drugged (DayQuil) to think of one.

Quick update:

  1. Might have a FO to report. Gonna get a 2nd opinion tomorrow.
  2. TheBon and I shall hunt for FR dyes tomorrow. May Ha’shem favour us, is all I can say.
  3. Umm, missed Mdme DeFarge’s tonight. Headache.
  4. Voice still mysteriously missing, periodically.
  5. Nathan Petrelli needs a good kick.
  6. Socks for A are progressing, yay.
  7. Got D a key to the USFG office today.
  8. Have a really cute knitmation I’ve been meaning to share for nigh 6 months now:

Thas all. Sorry for so little. I promise to try harder tomorrow.

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