Quick update:

  • I am not dead. But I may qualify for zombie-status.
  • I have been coughing, more or less, nonstop for 3 days now. A nasty combination of Robitussin and MaxAir (my adrenaline inhaler) keep it bearable.
  • No knitting to show, since the adrenaline makes my hands shake too much to knit. Now you see why this really, really, really sucks.
  • I can talk again. Between coughs.
  • Have listed 3 pieces on Craigslist. Feel like am wandering in dark w/o a torch, since no one will give me any advice on how to sell said items (arranging viewings, etc). Blech. At least I have offers, eh?
  • Everything tastes funny.
  • The trip down to SF is in, T-minus, 5 days. Please, please, please don’t let me go down there sick or have to cancel (this is directed to whatever deity may choose to listen).
  • I’ve just woken up (up all night coughing) and want to take a nap already.
  • Have not made any crafting progress on Hogwarts Houses Swap. Since I can’t knit, I probably can’t sew, either.
  • I refuse to whine. It is undignified.

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