“If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.”
Bill Watterson

I consider it a major achievement that I managed to get grass stains on my green trousers this afternoon (beat that). I was trying to photograph the socks I’m making for K in their backyard, only to have the socks blend in too much with the grass to be noticeable. Ha. Their stone patio served as a better backdrop:

I had planned not to show any pictures of these until they were finished (I had wanted to submit the pattern to a knitting magazine), but I’ve decided that I don’t like the particulars of this pattern and shall try anew. Just in case you’re wondering, they’re called spocks (spats + socks), and they’re made from the Opal yarn that L sent to me. The buttons are functional and, despite my annoyances with the particulars of this pattern, I still like the concept.

I’ll just have to try again, this time without an eyelet insert. Mum wants a pair anyway.

I just hope they fit K and that she’ll like them. Uh oh. I think they’re home. GTG.

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