I could neither remember nor find a quote I liked for this post. Ohwell. Tomorrow night.

SSE = Serious Stash Enhancement (phrase coined by Penny)

I’m writing this quickly in the time I have before dinner (the minestrone is simmering and K is blanching halibut). I promised pix of everything I bought yesterday (I refuse to look at the receipts), so here one is:

Left to right: Chasing Rainbows cashmere/ merino and cashmere/ silk in matching colourways (gonna be plied together), 3000 yards of ultrafine merino/ tencel lace yarn (120 grams), 100 grams (1500 + yards) cashmere/ silk lace yarn, Lorna’s Laces Helen, then below them are 3 pairs of Lorna’s Laces sock yarns (25% off! at one booth) that I have promised for myself.

So, there we have it. Luxury at it’s best.

Not much to report today, other than the fact that K and little D have a frightening love of Karaoke (A and I escaped to buy snaps for my Hogwarts Houses swap package). I still haven’t had a chance to teach A to knit, and baby T is still a bit fussy. Eerrr… I’ve forgtotten everything I meant to post, and baby T is crying. GTG.

I need to take more photos of the family later.

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