ANOTHER finished pair of socks!

Project specs:
Yarn: Opal “Crocodile”
Needles: US 2’s (straights and DPNs)
Gauge: 8 sts/ inch
Size: US women’s 7.5
Date started: …?
Date finished: Feb 28, 2007
Findings: 14 antique bone buttons
Pattern: MINE!

… and, look, more photos…

I took this one right after I finished sewing on the buttons last night, as we watched LOST:

Before that, as we watched American Idol (just don’t ask), I worked with A on her knitting. She had just finished casting on:

And was, quite reasonably, please with herself. So, she called out to K, “Look at this beauty I have wrought!” (or something similiar). To which K replied, “I love you,” and went back to her computer. “She’s humoring me,” A explained. “That’s what she always says when she thinks I’m being silly.” A looked back up and called, “Yes, my love, but you don’t understand the complexity of my achievement!”

I think K actually raised one eyebrow, but dutifully came over to see what all the fuss was about. Watching A cast on another couple of stitches, K looked more impressed. “Huh. Now how do you make another row on top of that?”

“We haven’t gotten that far.” Right. So, I showed A and she knit a couple of rows (slowly but surely). K leaned over her shoulder, watching curiously, and finally declared, “I want to try that!”

So, she did. And to our bemusement, she started knitting:

A and I looked at each other. “Wow,” was all I said. I think A muttered something under her breath. But, she complimented K on picking it up so fast.

It’s amazing how humbling teaching someone to knit can be. I think it took me a full 15 minutes for me to knit my first stitch. It didn’t take K 15 seconds. Nor A, admittedly. Finally, K gave A her knitting back. A proceeded to knit through AI to the end of LOST (occassionally crying out for help) as I knit a button placket and sewed on the buttons for K’s socks, err, spocks.

Oh, and at some point therein, we blocked little D’s gansey for the third time. Let me retype that. THE THIRD TIME. This jumper is going to be the death of me:

But at least it looks better.

Something we can’t say for A this morning. Somehow she has the stomach flu (half of the office does apparently), and is lying in bed. K and I have taken Airborne. Heaven help us.

Darn, I have to make Hamentashen. And something garlicky for A to eat…

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