I am exhausted. Long, long day. A is still sick, and I’m praying that the nausea I’m feeling is just from eating too many hamentashen. Little D and I made 2 dozen hamentashen – triangular filled cookies to celebrate the defeat of Haman (he wore a triangular hat), an ancient Persian who tried to annihilate the Jews. Purim is the celebration of Hadassah (or Ester) a Jewess who defeated Haman with her uncle Mordecai. Since Purim is on Saturday, I volunteered to make hamentashen for little D use. So, here we are making them:

They came out very well, all things considered (I played fast and loose with the recipe). After a disastrous dinner, I finally finished swatching for my next project, the peacock pullover:

And, um, that’s it. I’m going to go and sit quietly now. Cross your fingers for me, since my train ride home is tomorrow night…

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