Weird little bit of advice (in locum for a quote): never take TUMs with the stomach flu. I just figured this out 1/2 an hour ago.

Anyway. (Eugh, eating something small didn’t settle my stomach, either, when will I learn?)

As I laid down last night, praying for either: a) Divine clemency in the form of an instant cure, or b) mortal clemency in the form of one of my relatives putting me out of my misery, I realised something. I had cast on 147 stitches that afternoon for the back of my newest sweater project. I was supposed to cast on 143 stitches.

I have no idea why this occurred to me at that exact moment, but it did, and I have to say I’m a little grateful it did. I had only knit one row, and thus only had to tink back 145 sts, and drop two. Why two, and not four?

Well, there’s to be an inch of feather and fan lace at the hem and lace is darned hard to seam, so I decided to add on a seam stitch to either side. We’ll see how long I remember they’re there before confusing myself. Anyone want to start placing bets?

I was a bit annoyed at myself, since tinking silk boucle is no mean feat and not something to cheer oneself up with. But, it’s done and maybe I can get some knitting done now. (It’s take all day for me to work myself up to any knitting at all, or sitting up, really).

I have a flight home tomorrow at 12:45 pm. A and TheBon talked me into it. Bless them.

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