“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.”
Henry Ward Beecher

I am so sleepy. I meant to write a nice, long, post to make up for my paltry updates lately. To make up for my incoherency, I come bearing pictures (I actually managed to get pictures from my digicam to the desktop). First of all, a picture of me and baby T literally 5 minutes before we left to get me on my plane:

(can you totally tell I’ve been sick in this photo?)

And, here is a picture of Boston Harbor (WA) on the Peninsula. Right before sunset, ahhh, salt water:

And here’s the hat and wrist warmers I knit for Mum, using Malabrigo kettle-dyed merino yarn:

They took me all of, maybe, 6 hours of knitting. I love quick knits. They’re very soft, and cheered Mum up considerably (major achievement, all things considered).

In other news, I mailed my Hogwarts Houses Swap parcel to my partner today. It should arrive in two days. Hopefully, my partner won’t think I’m a total freak since I got a little too into the Wizarding spirit. It was too much fun not to.

In Knitting News, I have 3 inches on my silk pullover. I’m going to rip out my socks for the third time. I’m thinking of ripping the original La Primavera stole. I don’t have enough of the yarn, so I’m going to try again with my new Lorna’s Laces Helen.

And, err, I’ve forgotten everything else. Something to do with the new Colbert ice cream? Hrm. Ahwell. I’ll try again tomorrow. Night night.

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