This is an extremely quick update, and I apologize to everyone I seem to have been ignoring (I really haven’t, I swear!). Ten quick things:

  1. I am alive
  2. I arrived safe and early on Sunday afternoon
  3. I was kidnapped persuaded by my father to visit my Mum in Olympia before we went home
  4. Mum is very sick with the stomach flu (woot)
  5. It took me 24 hours, but I got the cable internet in her apartment to work. Yes, I am Queen of the Internets. Mwahaha. The Cable Guy Mum called said it couldn’t be done. I shall thwart him when I get the chance.
  6. I have knit a hat and matching wrist warmers for Mum
  7. Olympia is cute. I have many pictures.
  8. I am no longer sick (thank you everyone for thinking of me!) and am heartily grateful for it.
  9. I am obscenely late in sending out my Hogwarts Houses Swap package (as organizer, this is just embarrassing)
  10. I want my bed. Seriously. I miss it desperately.

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