“Oh, dear. ‘Got up, was sick, wanted to die.’ Not a gripping read, really.”
Terry Pratchett (Hogfather)

First impressions of Olympia:

  • Urg. Dad made me drive up here why?
  • Grey.
  • More grey.
  • Too few trees.
  • Very industrial.
  • Fantastic Pho. Must get more.
  • Only two days until I can go home.

Two days later (whereup Dad abandoned me to ‘care’ for Mum):

  • Oh, look!, more grey.
  • A yarn store. Nice, but completely out of my price range. Book!
  • Lots of tuna fish. And pita. Mmm… tuna and pita.
  • I feel funny.


  • Hrm.
  • Less grey than before.
  • Mum’s tours suck much, much less than Dad’s (don’t tell him that).
  • The place could use some more trees. And, just, stuff. What’s with all the empty lots?
  • Now that I can move without screaming or crying, I want more of that Pho.

It’s a shame, but I really can’t figure out why my parents want to more here. I don’t get it. But, that’s fine. I’m not moving with them (not permanently, anyway), and it’s their decision. If they like it, hey, let ’em have a ball. Though, it’s a bit sad that I’m really only going to think of the lone yarn store, incredible Pho, and a gut-wrenching illness whenever someone mentions Olympia for the next few months. Hopefully, I’ll get over it, eh?

Not much knitting progress to report, alas. I finally get to go home tomorrow (I am near tears with joy over this, you have no idea), and have been told that two packages are sitting at home waiting for me. Ooooh, I wonder what they could be? Hehe.

And, let’s be honest, I am put out with how often I’ve been getting sick lately (and by ‘lately’ I mean the last, oh, 6 years – ever since we moved to Eugene from Maryland). It may not seem like it, but I do try to take care of myself, and this is just not fair. Part of it has to do with the climate (and mold!), and another part must have to do with the northernly location (45th parallel versus 30th, anyone?) affecting sunlight intake. Stephieface is right, if this keeps going on I’m gonna need a bubble.


Garlic and ginger. That’s it. I need to eat more garlic and ginger.

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