no quote. tired.

  • updated the blog’s template again. likes it betters now.
  • children are fun in small doses (i.e. 1 hour a week tutoring)
  • eating out is so much more fun than eating without chairs at home
  • got to see Emmos and plot. we’re hosting/ planning TheBon’s bridal shower. mwa. ha. ha.
  • played with St M earliers. tks is fun.
  • we have some major cuteness walking around in tight t-shirts, painting and sanding stuff. I have no idea why my parents always seem to hire cute, young, guys for hard labor. maybe I’m reading too much into it?
  • the fish is annoyed with me. I can feel it.

And here’s something for your Classicist knitters out there, Yahoo! Avatars (no doubt because of ROME) has a bunch of Roman stuff to play with now:

Yahoo! Avatars

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