“There ought to be a room in every house to swear in.”
Mark Twain

I just let off a string of words I shouldn’t even know. Today was just one of those verdamnt long days (and, look, a German curse). I let myself relax and completely ignore all the complete insanity around the house yesterday. Today I tried to fix some of it. Stupid idea.

Even worse, I tried to get things done.

I can be quite idiotic when I put my mind to it, honestly.

I cleaned up the disgusting mess that was the front room, as St M was coming over, so she could have a clean floor to lay out her fabric on. It took me over half an hour to vacuum a nearly empty living room. Seriously, that is the level of nasty the males have left everywhere.

3 damn weeks, and they’ve made a mess that I can’t even describe.

Anyway. I got the front room clean. I brought out my spinning wheel and other bits and bobs I’d need to get a start on the Solstice-Equinox Challenge. As I was grabbing things from my stash, I paused. What the heck was that??

A hahaha. The pile of yarn and needle rolls I had been digging in had, oh you’ll love this, GIANT FREAKING PANES OF GLASS lying in them. Apparently, whilst I was cleaning the front room one of the workmen had broken my bedroom window. Yes… BROKEN.

Had anyone told me? No. Cuz, hell, why would I notice something like this:

I mean, c’mon, it’s such a paltry little thing. Right-O. I came storming downstairs, pissed off (there were shards of glass in my yarn, dammit), and Dad just shrugged, “Oh, yeah, J mentioned that.”

“Oh,” I said, trying not to hit him, “Did he?”


I am so seriously considering the positive aspects of lesbianism right now, you have no idea.

Anyway. *Breathing*. I went on, after all this, to go and clean the kitchen. I don’t want to think of what’s been growing in there. I found two opened cans of food that had been left out on the counter for so long…


((and the men wonder why we have ants? and they treat me like I’m stupid.))

It took me about an hour, but I got the kitchen almost clean. I say almost, since we’re out of sponges (I think, since everything’s been boxed up, I have no idea) and I had to use a dish towel. Also, the fact that the kitchen is also in the middle of the renovation process… oy. I got it clean enough to cook a decent meal (which I still need to clean up) when St M showed up. I took a break from cleaning, and we went to other “feminine” pastimes:

She’s cutting out a cotehardie (no pattern!) and I was spinning for the Challenge. I got all the singles spun before I had to make dinner. I got dinner made and somehow a table and chairs were rustled up. Dinner went relatively well, I guess. Don’t get me started.

We set up the sewing machine on the table for St M to sew up her cotehardie while I got the yarn ready to ply. Hereupon I made one of the stupidest mistakes I’ve ever made with yarn preparation. Somehow I convinced myself that it’d be easier to wind the singles with a thread and beads on and ply it on itself than to just ply it with the thread and beads.


I am beyond stupid.

By about an hour ago I was nearly shrieking with frustration – everyone got as far away as possible. So, finally, I gave it up (I have 2/3 of it plied, and that’s bloody well enough – I’ll give my target some other stuff to make up for this) and went to work on “that-” verdamnt “Judaica thing.” I got a line and a half embroidered tonight. Yay, me.

If you’ve made it thus far, I need an opinion. I am so damn sick of working on “that Judaica thing”. It’s been as difficult as the bloody Challenge, and not half so satisfying. The pattern calls for handknit lace around the edge with a handknit braid over the seam. I have taken near three months to get this far. Should I just attach bought lace and braiding, so the recipient can finally have the verdamnt thing?

I just want it done. Is that so wrong?

And, and look, it’s 42F out and I have a broken window. Lucky verdamnt me.

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