… the colour of passion
… lucky in China
… bridal in India
… one of the hardest colours to dye true
… the colour of nobility in Elizabethan England
… the colour of blood and pain
… the colour of Roman matrons
… inherently sexual

As I whimpered, inching down the stairs, today I actually wished that there was still such a thing as the Red Tent. All I wanted for most of the day was to lie as still as possible in the dark. I also didn’t ever want to see a man again for several hours today, when my Dad insinuated that I was making rather a large fuss of something relatively minimal.

I bit his head off. (verbally, not in Kali-esque fashion… just eww)

I unfortunately missed Homework Club (I spent all of this afternoon lying in the dark). I think he believed me when I didn’t get any knitting done until my second dose of Ibuprofen kicked in at around 8pm. I also didn’t manage to eat more than a biteful of food before then, either. But after a light dinner (nausea doesn’t even describe it), I actually managed to turn the heels on both of my Queen of Cups socks and start on the insteps:

I also managed to get another inch done on the armholes of the peacock pullover. It’s looking good, and I loooove to pet it. I think, hopefully, that I might managed to finish the back tomorrow or the day after. Whilst knitting (when I was doing something productive anyway) we watched War Zone Diary. It was okay.

After that, Dad and I worked on cleaning out the kitchen, so that the workmen can paint tomorrow. After cleaning out the sideboard in particular, I realised that I still hadn’t changed Lapis’ (a.k.a. Mr Fishy) water. To be honest, I live in dread of cleaning his tank. I’m always certain I’ll poison him, accidentally kill him when changing tanks, etc. Soooo… I tend to put it off for as long as I can. (it also doesn’t help that the boys packed up the dechlorinator while I was in California). But, I had left out two “tanks” full of water to dechlorinate 3 nights ago.

Admitting that it was time, I then strapped some steel to my aching backbone and got down to it. I’ve decided to change the “tank” he’s living in, from a flower vase (don’t ask) to a square glass… thing:

Lapis (Mr Fishy) seems to like it. He was very insistent that I feed him afterward, too. I told him, very sternly, that he wasn’t allowed to die anytime soon. I’ve had him for two years and have gotten attached. So, if he dies from a water change, I will be pissy.

That’s about it, I guess. I’ve promised to come in to help St M at TKS later today. I also need to tell the workmen a few things (I have been left in charge, heaven help me, since Dad is leaving town), and plan my sleep-over with Emmos. Should be good.

Now all I need is for my back to stop cramping.

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