For a post, anyway. My stash belies that statement on general grounds. So, instead of a picture of my recent work, I present you with a picture of a woman winding silk, not spinning it (as the caption claims – seriously, does anyone see a quill attached to that thing? no) from a Chinese silk painting:

(Though, in the website’s defense, an ingenuous 10-11th century Arab inventor did devise the Great Wheel/ Walking Wheel after seeing the Chinese silk winding reels – still used today for winding a continuous strand of silk straight from a cocoon into a large skein.)

And, a quick update:

  • I have cast on 431 stitches, and knit the preliminary row, for the border of Mum’s shawl.
  • I have maybe 2″ left before finishing the back of the peacock pullover.
  • The Queen of Cups socks have languished in my sack all day.
  • I actually may have helped St M at TKS today. Some of the customers seemed less confused after I helped them, anyway.
  • Thai food is yummy.
  • Lapis/ Mr Fishy is doing well.
  • Emmos and I are playing phone tag.

Aaand… that’s about the short of it. I’m too tired (the workmen arrived very early this morning, added to the fact that Dad and I stayed up until 3am last night) to give you the long. Which, admittedly, you probably don’t want anyway.

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