To make up for the fact that I’m having trouble forming coherent sentences, here’re a bunch o’ pictures of what I did today:

I weeded. A lot. 3 enormous piles (+ several smaller ones) of weeds to take to the landscaping place tomorrow. If you’re not impressed, I can exhaustedly inform you that I pulled out enough weeds to fill the back of Dad’s pick-up. I am so tired.

After several hours of battling weeds, bugs, and thorny-Devil’s-Snare-like plants I proclaimed that I was giving up for the day and going to sit down somewhere without potting soil. As I got settled in to knit, I decided to check on baby T’s wraplan. Imagine my complete horror when I saw that the damn sleeves had bled in ways never seen outside of my nightmares. The backs of the sleeves were different colours than the fronts! There was pink dye everywhere.

Now, I admit that red is the hardest dye to stabilize, but there are limits. Dammitall. I swore loudly, stomped upstairs to tell Dad, and grab my camera. Here it is being soaked in a hot, soapy bath for the 2nd time:

And here it is after 30 mins, during which we ate dinner, and look at that water:

Just… *snarl*. I rinsed it several times. The dye still ran. I’m soaking it again in a hot, soapy bath. We’ll see if it stops running tomorrow. This is utterly shameful. Never, ever buy Smania from JoAnns. I make allowances for cotton, but this is just tacky and cheap. And, on top of that, the sleeves are a completely different colour than the yarn I bought, and no longer match the buttons. I’m not livid… yet.

Let’s give it a day.

After snarling a bit more, I went back to knitting. Emm, Dad, and I watched Countdown with Kieth Olberman while I worked on my left Spock:

I am about 2 rows away from the toe. That’s the good knitting news I have. Well, that and a very brave knitter has offered to take on my pattern for me. I need to email her back… I need to email everyone back, to be honest. I’m also as far as the button placket on the pattern and should have it ready for a couple of test sizes soon. I refuse to allow errata anywhere in a pattern.

Is it 11 pm already…? Oy.

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