“A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it.” (Dogen)

My blogging skills are, like, the best, aren’t they? I just psychically knew that all y’all out there are secretly hankering for more pictures of our weedy garden. (don’t worry, rain is coming tonight, so I’ll actually have interesting content tomorrow)

So, progress made today… We took this weedy patch of earth:

Oh, look, Emm’s wacky again,

And, back to the weeds that I know you long for, we turned the plot into this:

Emmett’s antics aside, we moved 5 very large pots, weeded like we needed to plant enough grain to support Eugene, and put down topsoil. We were so exhausted (all of us) that for a half hour afterwards we just sat on the steps and tried to regain our breath. After that (whilst the boys were moving said honking huge pots to the other side of the garden), I got up my backbone and decided to tackle the rose bushes.

“You are going to leave enough behind, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Dad. You know that the more I prune -“

“The thicker they come back,” he chorused with me. He still watched me like a hawk as I cut off entire branches (our rose bushes are flourishing and actually killing the surrounding flora) and deadheaded every dead flower in sight. Within 30 mins, I had managed to get them back into order:

The above shows the 2 intentionally planted rose bushes. Plus a cherry tree and a baby rose bush that, err, I don’t think is supposed to be there. Can roses propagate on their own?? Aren’t most rose breeds wonky about that?

I was horrified to find today, as I worked on the northern beds, that the passion flower had not just grown exponentially, it had seeded and those tendrils we thought came from the original plant were from 3 others!! Bugger. I can’t believe what these plants have been up to. The artichoke has also seeded another one. It’s tiny, and I stepped on it, but it’s there. And don’t get me started on the lilies and irises. They’re like bunnies.

Ohwell. It’s slowly getting under control. Everyone is exhausted, and I think that even Dad (although secretly) is relieved by the oncoming rain. I mean, seriously, we need a break.

And, I think that I shall now go and spin something… Or knit. Knitting is good. I got 3 rows done on the left spock today, while we were waiting in line at the yarn debris drop-off point. Impressive, huh?

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