“Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning.”
Samuel Butler (doesn’t exactly relate to this post, but I liked it, so here it is)

TheBon came over to dye the cloths for her place-settings today. We think it was successful, hard to tell when they’re still wet, though. Hopefully (cross you’re fingers for her, y’all! please?), they’ll be exactly what she wants/ needs.

After that we went to “Guild” (it’s really just TheBon, Emmos, St M and I at this point). TheBon had to leave early, after which St M let it drop that she had been on a date with so-and-so. HA! I might have startled the sorority chicks sitting nearby with my jubilant, “I KNEW it!”, but it’s so gratifying to be right every so often. Emmos was puzzled, because she hadn’t met the man in question. St M distracted us, and it took us 3 tries to hear everything. Well. We shall have to wait and see.

Okay, this might seem weird, but both Emmos and I are just not dating right now (blarg) (unless you count our “date” with each other a last week…), TheBon is getting married, I think D is anti-dating right now, L is engaged, and so I really only have St M to focus my Jewish-mother instincts on. Pity her, I suppose.

Moving on. I finished knitting the left spock today – I just need to find buttons for it. I had trouble, I realised, because I changed the number of buttons and the gauge to a wonky number. S’all my fault. But, writing out the pattern should be much easier now. (I also cast on the right spock).

And, guess what?, today is Flash Your Stash day! Woot. It took me four photographs (I don’t have a large surface to lay it all out on…), but I got most of it (who wants to see a pic of Electra’s or Shawn’s fleeces again, anyway??). Here we go. First, the lace and sock yarns:

The yarns I have no idea what I’m doing with…

The roving that is too beautiful for words…

And, the “projects” pile, some of which are actually cast on/ swatched:

I counted everything, and discovered to my own amazement (and joy!) that I have:

  • 142 balls/ skeins/ cones of yarn
  • 20 lbs of fiber (including fleeces)

Not too bad, eh? I saw worse numbers on Craftster. I admit that a month ago my stash was a terrifying creature, but I cut it in half… mwahaha. I also set up a stash management spreadsheet on Google documents. I’m hoping it’ll help me keep track of everything – I put in the yarn, amount, and intended projects. And, below that, all the spinning fiber.

And, as a closing note: if you can catch the Deserts episode of Planet Earth, there’s a bit on Guanaco. Really, really cool. I explained to Dad how cool they were, and how their undercoats were collected on cacti, fences, etc across Chile, etc.

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