What do they have in common, aside from being flavorless and stiff? Well, that’s about it, actually. Today, Dad and I turned this into this:

Eventually these benches’ll be placed in there:

But right now, I am determined to sit very very quietly. And still. I’ve done my fair share of the weeding and need a break. Possibly in Hawaii.

Mum arrived this afternoon for Pesach. We’re not doing a Seder tonight, we just don’t have the energy or the materials (blasphemy I know). Tomorrow night, tho, we’re doing the Second Night Seder. I’ve already taken in the votes, and it’ll be a little unconventional (turkey breast instead of lamb). St M is coming over. Hopefully we’ll find a place everyone can sit (Dad’s determined that the oak floors shall remain untouched and pure and candidates for placement in the Temple of Vesta) and eat together. My one request is Matzoh Ball soup. It’s my only food request. We’re definitely doing my 1-hour Seder, though, just because.

Otherwise, that’s it for today. I want to take a nap…

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