Monkeys? I have to say that I AM enjoying the pattern, and the yarn. Especially the yarn. Cherry Tree Hill yarn are going to be the death of me (and my yarn diet), I can just See it. I would have liked to have taken a picture of my Monkey progress in the garden, with daylight, but I didn’t have the chance all day. (cue tonight’s quote soundtrack:)

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas…
They Must Be Giants

So, I present a flashy, washed out, floor pic of the Monkey progress instead:

I love this yarn. The colours appeal, of course, but it’s so soft and shiny and, well, yummy that I’m having a hard time putting it down. Anyway. I have other Knitting News:

I have FINISHED Mum’s pair of Spox.

The antique (envy-worthy) buttons are on, the ends are woven in, and the look very nice (if I may say so myself). She’ll be happy, and hopefully will leave me alone for a bit on knitting her things (foolish, I know). She’s not going to be allowed to wear them until I get pictures for the pattern submission, though, so for now (well, once she gets here) she can only fondle them.

Otherwise, the only other progress I have to report is moving progress. The Sewing Room/ Guest Bedroom/ Side Room (choose a name, any name!) is nearly cleaned out. My back aches like a little old person’s. I am so sick of packing that all I want is to set the house on fire, to avoid filling another box.

Well, after I get my stash to a safe place, anyway.

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