“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
Samuel Johnson

At least the soda I spilled (all over the bloody table) didn’t stain anyone’s yarn or clothing. Notice that I put the yarn first. Even so, I felt like the biggest heel in existence. This feeling was not helped as I continually made weird comments and just confused people all night. St M was a good person (and friend) and played along with me.

My new charm bracelet helped me distract two of the ladies I nearly soaked. They were beaders and fascinated by it. So, I dutifully handed it over and no more mention was made of my clumsiness. (I got it back, never fear)

The charm bracelet came from the Handspun/ Handcrafts Swap. I received my package today and had to immediately put on the jewelry Miss Violaceous made for me. I took way too many photos to post, so I’m only going to include one of the handmade goodies and just let you check the link to see everything (especially the DIY World Domination Kit and instructions)… Anyway, here’re the pretties she made for me:

Starting at the top, and then left to right:

  • a knitting wrist bag (squee!)
  • an Art Nouveau charm bracelet
  • an herb-filled amigurumi octopus
  • sunflower seeds for the garden
  • stitch markers
  • a “faux” nouveau brooch
  • a vintage cameo
  • and Lady Godiva earrings

I took the knitting bag to Mme DeFarge’s tonight to try it out – it’s wonderful! I loves it muchly (it even has eyelets for colourwork, y’all!). It’s staying in my sling-bag to protect my knitting projects from now on. Monkey likes it, too, the socks were so well behaved in their bag. Unlike the lace stole, which is in bad humor right now.

In other (nonKnitting) news, I got ANOTHER packet from the Peace Corps today. Oh, yes, another. Apparently, the Dental Eval form wasn’t filled to their liking. I need to prove that I’ve had the dental work my dentist claims I “need” (like hell). I am so angry with the physicians around here right now, it doesn’t bear mentioning. But, at least I still am in the running, eh?

And more news. My Weight Loss Challenge. I have lost 4 lbs! I went to a doctor today (verily, I have many) and got on the scale and… yay! The nurse was surprised that I was excited about my weight, but whatever.

Finally, I am a little weirded out. My little brother has, get this, grey hairs! I keep seeing these glints of silver every time he shakes his head. My brother is 19! So weird, and so wrong. I can’t even handle it. I’ve only had one white hair – and Mum said it didn’t count as it was obviously just from a dead follicle.

Again, just too weird.

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