“It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honour nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.”
President Jimmy Carter

We didn’t get a single Move thing done today. And thank heaven for that. We all needed a break. Emm celebrated his sudden freedom by playing WoW all day. Dad puttered in his office. Mum and I went on a hike at Mt Pisgah Arboretum:

4-27-07 (Mt Pisgah)

For once I actually brought my camera. Something even more wondrous just because it’s spring and Mt Pisgah is celebrating with everything it’s got. All the wild flowers were in bloom, the birds were practically shrieking they were singing so loudly, and the weather was gorgeous (not that the butte could control that, but it helped). I took tons of pictures (97 in total), but only uploaded the 18 I liked best, or thought unusual. I might even get to uploading them to Flickr, but right now Picassa is easier on my laptop.

After our very long hike (seriously, 2 hours), we were feeling quite giddy. It was so gorgeous out. We went and got frozen yogurt and ran errands. I convinced Mum to run by the market, so I could grab vegetables. When Dad and I do the shopping, he makes me feel guilty for wanting to buy celery (which I love to munch on, btw). But, with Mum, she encourages the healthy eating. So… yeah, whenever she’s in town (well, she’ll be back permanently on Monday), I drag her out grocery shopping.

A girl can only look at potato chips without sighing so many times.

After resting up from out long hike (during which point I cast on the front of my peacock pullover – did I mention that both sleeves are done? No? bad me ^_^), I started on dinner. I made the boys eat vegetables. It’s good for them.

Though, I admit, I was selfish and kept all the sugar-snap peas for myself. The boys think it’s weird to eat them with the shell still on. Clearly, they don’t appreciate the concept.

During dinner, we watched Night at the Museum. I’ve already reviewed this one, I think, so I’ll just say that I loved it (again). Still funny. Little things about the historical characters were off, but not annoyingly so, so I’ll let it pass.

When the movie ended, Emm and Dad retreated to their rooms, but Mum and I decided to watch The Prestige (the boys weren’t interested). And, wow. OMG. That movie was amazing. It was one of the greatest mind f*cks I’ve ever had. I actually got some of the plot twists before they were revealed, and shrieked at weird moments (no, I’m not spoiling it) to Mum’s puzzlement. Until the end, when she realised why I was so horrified, and freaked out herself.

We’ve already vowed to watch it again tomorrow, just to try and understand it better. Great movie. The Edwardian clothing was fantastic, btw.

And now I’ve just realised that I have to be at TheBon‘s house for her fitting in 6 hours. Wow. I am so screwed. I’d better get some caffeine ready now to drink after my nap…

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