and we are still driving each other crazy.

Mum mentioned today that it had been a year since she had gone into Serenity Lane. I just checked my archives, and found out it’ll be a year in 12 days. Either way, I doubt the situation is going to change much. We’re all too over-extended and emotional right now.

Dad’s talking about a legal separation. Mum mentioned getting her own apartment.

There. I admitted it. I am not twelve, and can accept that my parents are heading towards a divorce. I still retain hope that it won’t happen, but that hope is slowly dying. It’s as if they’ve both forgotten how to compromise. I never thought I would see my parents snipping at each other like this.

It’s so frustrating. And depressing. I’ve been having real problems with my depression in the past couple of days (add that to the amount of Move work I’ve been doing and I haven’t felt up to posting). I made myself work today, and got most of my stuff moved into the smaller bedroom. It all fits, barely, with a little room to spare. We (Dad and I) had to get inventive. I also had to box up half of my stash (weep not for me, we all knew this was coming).

But, despite the smaller room, I like having a regular bed again. The loft was nice for space conservation, but I couldn’t sit and read a book on it it or knit or anything but sleep on/ in it. To ensure reader goodwill, here’s a pic of the progress:

(from the door: my spinning wheel & the new-ish bed with my Gryffindor quilt)

(desk w/ laptop and Lapis, and more new-ish furniture)

Most of my furniture is too big for this room, so we had to rummage around for smaller pieces. It’ll do until whatever happens next. I have my dental appt. on Thursday to deal with my cavity, and then I get to battle a dental surgeon about my wisdom teeth.

I still haven’t called the Peace Corps yet (would you have remembered with this lot around? no, I didn’t think so), but I got an invitation to a Peace Corps going away party for nominees to meet each other before we’re all shipped off. Honest to goodness, that’s what it says. Mum and Dad stopped bickering long enough to agree that this was a very positive sign.

So… yeah. That’s what I’ve been up to. Well, mostly. I’ve also been working on the Charity Swap Blanket (I have! I even bought yarn for it on Saturday), and I’ve read two books in as many days. Terry Pratchett is my one, true love.

I’m onto A Hat Full Of Sky (I never got to read it when it was first released, that was during Uni) and I have Wintersmith sitting here for next – both courtesy of the EPL (my back-up one, true love).

And that IS everything. I’m gonna try and finish that book tonight…

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