I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed today, and finally got my bathroom cleaner (I didn’t manage the mold as well as I’d like to admit during Uni), for it’s next occupants/ users. I also transferred my various cosmetics to the bathroom I’m now sharing with Emm. We’re both a bit weirded out by having to share a bathroom again, I think.

While I was acting like Cinderella, Mum and Dad went to pick out a new washing machine (they were painfully polite and tense when they left, I’m so glad I missed all of that). They came back and we decided to have (a very late) lunch before moving the old one out (it died last yesterday). As Mum was making us grilled cheese, Dad decided to use his time more efficiently (I guess) and unplug the old machine.

Without checking to see if there was water still in it.

At this point, St M called to check on me (she read yesterday’s post). I had to hang up on her when Dad started screaming because, well, water was spurting everywhere. Fun (well, it was amusing to watch Dad try and stop the water with his hand, a la The Little Dutch Boy). After lunch I got some more Moving done, looked at the clock and ran to change. As I gathered my stuff for Homework Club, I paused to check my reflection.

And stopped. Squinted. What the hell?

My shirt had acquired it’s own tent. I pulled my shirt off to see that my underwire had poked out of the bra and was sticking out and up by about 4″. Wow. That’s classy. 3rd bra to malfunction in the past 2 weeks.

That means that the Dreaded Bra Shopping will have to commence soon (heaven help me), and I shall have to actually step foot inside a lingerie department/ or store. Pray for me.

Anyway. Homework Club went well, but we ran over by 1/2 an hour (not a bad thing). Then EWEs, which was fun. Our hostess makes a wicked dessert. It was also good to sit and chat with people who are not my relatives (you have no idea of my joy). ‘Twas good. R (a former PC volunteer) insisted I come to the Nomination Party (the going away party for PC nominees) – which cheered me muchly.

Both at the gathering and at home I worked on the Charity Blanket, and I’m finally done knitting. Everyone’s commented on the size of my piece, but I think it’s fine. Now all I have to do is weave in all the ends and find some goodies for Penny.

Thank you everyone for your comfort. I’m feeling a bit better now, and have come to accept that I have no control over the situation (damn, that sucks). And that people clearly do change as time goes on, even without the influence of addictive substances.

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