• One tooth has been drilled and filled.
  • Two wisdom teeth have been removed from the list to be removed. All I need to do is get the oral surgeon to agree that the other two are fine where they are.
  • I have a UTI, 5 days worth of one antibiotic (the name is so long I’m not even trying), and another SIX WEEKS worth of Macrobid. Both are to make sure we kill the bacteria off for good this time. Wow, lucky me.
  • Three bras were found to my liking at Macy’s. It wasn’t as excruciating as it could have been, but the experience remains as unpleasant as ever. Mum made me get measured again, certain my size had changed. It hadn’t. We still had difficulty finding it – not as much as St M, but it was lame that the only bras in my size were white or beige (black if I was lucky).
  • No progress was made on emptying my former bedroom today – a dental appointment, urology appointment, filling prescriptions, hunting down bras and getting home alive in The Storm (hail!, and lots of it) prevented that.
  • I knit 1″ on my Cotlin tank top. I need to weave in the ends on the Charity Blanket tomorrow. Remind me.
  • I finished Wintersmith last night, and can’t wait for the next book. Oh, well. Thud! is waiting for me at the EPL. I also have two of St M’s loans on the shelf next to me… I’m so glad I’m able to read again.

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