It certainly ain’t the other way ’round, I’m sure we can all agree.

Stephieface did me the great honor of nominating/ tagging me for a Thinking Blogger Award. She also saved me from having to take a picture of something for tonight’s post, because there’s a button and everything involved:

They seem to be circling around the knitting blogsphere, which is fantastic if only because we’re such a communicative and appreciative group. And it’s also a great chance for us to find new blogs that inspire others. So, to keep this going, I need to nominate 5 blogs that get me thinking. There are so many, too many, but my 5 (which haven’t been mentioned that I know of) are:

  1. Spincerely Yours. I love Tamara’s writing style. I also love the fact that she refers to her girls as her ‘agents’. Lately, she’s gotten me thinking more and more about the Gardasil controversy and it’s possible effects on our children and society. She also knits and spins beautiful things.
  2. Penguin Girl. I love Penny. She keeps me feeling Jewish and actually gets me thinking about every week’s Torah parshah (portion). She’s a prolific reader, adventurous knitter, and always gives reviews of everything she tries – encouraging and tempting us all to try new books, tools, and knitting patterns.
  3. Strings & Yarn. Jodie impresses the hell out of me. I admit it. She knits beautifully, is very accomplished in general, and thought up/ organized the Charity Blanket Swap.
  4. Crimson Mittens. Crimson’s blog was probably the first blog I started reading outside my circle of friends. We’re both members of that very small group, knitting Classicists. While she doesn’t update as much as she used to (;_;), I still find her witty and thought-provoking. She also has a terrible habit of dragging me into swaps.
  5. The Panopticon. I’ve been reading Franklin’s blog for nearly as long as Crimson’s (it’s her fault), and am constantly provoked, worried, inspired, or amused by what he writes. I doubt he’ll notice this, but it had to be included since I look forward to his posts more than I do the Harlot’s.

So, wow. We should do this more often, y’all.

I was interested in the different purposes of all y’all’s stashes. Everyone had a really special reason for stashing, it seemed to me, that wasn’t even remotely related to greed. A comforting thought in this age of conspicuous consumption, eh? It also gives us the moral high ground in arguments over storage space.

Today I got the last of my dental ‘work’ done for the PC medical eval. Whether or not I’ll need dental surgery is still uncertain (cross your fingers for me, please!), but at least I won’t need to get my teeth looked at by a dentist for a loooong while (2 – 4 years from Sept 1, 2007 to be exact).

I tried to call my recruiter after, when the feeling in my face returned, but N was out. I need to catch him before agreeing to any invasive procedures, as it turns out that I DON’T have dental insurance right now (joy). I’m getting really, really sick of the Seattle Peace Corps’ answering service, and nearly have the 1-800 # memorized (extensions, options, and all).


In the end, not much was achieved today (is it already 2 am?) as dinner took over 2 hours to make, I had to rip my cotlin tank out to the neckline again, and tons of errands had to be run about town. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually get something done.

Not counting on it. But, it’d be nice. Oh, and ha, I checked the number of posts I need to catch up with on Bloglines (never look at the #, I swear I thought I was making progress) – 326 as of right now. People need to stop posting so frequently, really.

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