I just realised (as I sat here plotting) that I’ve already, um, broken my agreement with Penny on the swap conditions. Oops? Too late now… And there’s no way I’m returning what I got, I’ll never hear the end of it from several of the parties concerned, not after the scene Charlie caused at the shop today, and I can’t keep it because that would mumble mumble mumble… nevermind.

Anyway. Ohwell. I honestly forgot. But, well, oops.

Ah. Otherwise, today went well. My parents got the news they wanted – they don’t have to pay to have my wisdom teeth extracted until after I’m invited to the Peace Corps program (and 30 days before I ship off). Much rejoicing was to be found throughout the house. I spent a half hour on the phone with my recruiter covering every possible question Dad could think of, but now we’re good. And N’s sending down some information for my parents (a book and a DVD) so they can know what they’re to look forward to. Woohoo. Mum’s nearly ecstatic, since the country we think I might possibly be nominated for is, well, cool. She wants to visit me while I’m there.

Dad hasn’t disagreed, so there we are. I think they just want an excuse to go to Africa.

Other news? Three movie reviews and a lot of frogging.

Happily Never After. Blah. Wasn’t impressed. St M and I had tons of fun making fun of it, though. The animation was a bit wonky and stiff, the storyline predictable, and the attempts at humor failed. All in all it was lackluster. Except for Sigourney Weaver’s evil/ maniacal laughter. She actually did quite well at that.

Music & Lyrics. St M and I watched this after the failed fairy tale. This one was funny, though I didn’t like Barrymore’s character too much. Grant was very droll (of course), but the whole thing was formulaic. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed it (and making fun of parts of it) but it definitely wasn’t a meaningful film. All told, it was funny and fluffy. The opening sequence did make me laugh hysterically.

The Painted Veil. I watched this as I tacked up Mum’s hemline, after we drove St M home. I had seen a preview for it and desperately wanted to see it. Period films always fascinate me (especially when set during the ‘2o’s) and I love Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. The film was beautifully filmed, cast and costumed (I have major clothing lust right now). But, since it was based on the book by Somerset Maugham, none of us expected a happy ending. At best it could be considered bittersweet. I enjoyed it immensely and will definitely watch it again, but it’s not a pick-me-up movie by any standard.

As for knitting, I got a swatch done today and the math for that summer bolero done. I’ll be casting it on shortly. Hopefully it’ll be a quick project, so I can get back to work on other things.

Mum and Dad leave for Portland tomorrow, to look at rentals. I’m going to catch up on my sleep this weekend, I think. And knit. And plan for TheBon’s bridal shower.

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