“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.”
Elie Wiesel

Emmos (who needs to update her blog! *hint hint*) and I spent most of the day together. We met at the EPL at noon and went on to find varnish. What does varnish have to do with the EPL?

Absolutely nothing. But the EPL is right next to the Eugene Bus Station, ah ha, where my bus route ends.

We needed varnish for the new furniture Emmos got so she’d actually have furniture next weekend for TheBon’s bridal shower. Emmos ended up buying kits* from an Oregon company to finish and assemble a dining set (4 chairs and a table). And since Emmos works for a chemical company, they have a ventilation room specifically for use in painting. Cool, huh?

So, after we had the varnish (and a new brush) in hand we got to work. Here’s Emmos with the pieces of wood laid out; which she’d spent most of the morning sanding and varnishing, incidentally:

(the scary brown wall-grille is actually a giant vent)

And just as we were really getting into the swing of things, one of Emmos’ co-workers showed up to coat a Mother’s Day present. I asked him to take a picture of us, just because, and here you can see us:

(me wearing an enormous lab coat to protect my clothes)
(and, wow, I need a haircut!)

After that, well, our day becomes more secretive. We went shopping for many things, gifts and the like. Emmos gave me a Maidenhair Fern, with it’s own little pink pot, as a “thank you” for helping her with the dirty-work (apparently I sand wood like a fiend). Here it is, keeping Lapis company and showing off the overflowing state of my desk:

Emmos and I are plotting to go back to the Indoor Garden store to, ahem, “get a plant for her office.” The fact that I have the hots for one of the clerks has nothing to do with it. Though, I was glad to have met with him Emmos around – we had a debate earlier on the worthiness of American men, and he won my argument for me. Kudos to nice guys.

Anyway. Right. Shopping. I got stuff I’ve been wanting – like a doggy “waste bag dispenser” to take on walks with Charlie (yes, I am such a spoiled American). But, to make up for the fact that I am, in fact, buying dog poop bags I got the biodegradable ones. Ha! I turned down the cooler dispenser with the “larger” bags, so neider.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I also found the last of my little things for Penny. I’m very excited and can’t wait to send the blanket off on Monday. I’ll walk with Charlie to the post office, I think, since Mum and Dad aren’t due back from Portland until that evening.

And that’s about everything. I’m looking forward to knitting on my spencer-bolero-thing for a bit…

*because there is a sudden hardwood chair shortage in the PNW, it seems.

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