At 12:45 am, I FINISHED weaving in the ends on my soon-to-be Tricorn hat, whilst Mum and I watched Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (for the 467th time). As the credits scrolled, I went upstairs and snapped a picture:

I’m going to felt it later today (gawd, it’s actually after midnight).

Other news? Mum and Dad are sick with some respiratory infection (joy be unbounded), and Dad’s been prescribed FOUR different medications – coinciding, funnily enough, with the fact that he’s had pneumonia FOUR times in his life. I made him go to the doctor yesterday (I am such a good daughter, I know) because he nearly fainted from a coughing fit. It turns out he had been sleeping in a recliner for several nights prior, because he couldn’t breathe if he laid down.

I just sort of stared at him when he admitted this. ONE night like that would have sent me to the doctor. The man clearly doesn’t learn as quickly as he should.


More news? Erm. Not much. I’m working on knitting some Secret Items. Top Secret.

And, uh, that’s all I can remember at 1 am.

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