Well. It’s been my tactic for the past two weeks. Until this afternoon, when the Oral Surgeon’s office called to confirm my surgery check-in tomorrow at 2:20 pm. “And, please remember not to eat or drink anything for 6 before the surgery.”

Bloody hell. Has it been 2 weeks already?

Yes, yes, it has. Blech. I am not looking forward to this. Up until now, I’ve been the only member of my immediate family who hasn’t had any form of surgery. Tomorrow will nix that claim.

Mum & Dad accused me (teasingly) of trying to get out of the surgery by getting sick. On Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat, drip, and just overall awful feeling. It lasted for a couple of days – several fewer than the rest of the family. But, I attribute this to the fact that I immediately started taking DayQuil and NyQuil (thus getting a full night’s sleep) and didn’t put off treatment, in general. Lots and lots of garlic.

Anyway. Knitting. I cast on a pair of Jaywalkers, using The Yarn:

And I am really, really, really liking them. Wow. It’s so much fun to knit with this yarn! It’s so soft and sqooshy and the colours are amazing and vibrant. I definitely recommend it. I want more so badly right now. But, this pair has gotten me back into socks – so I’m already planning what I want to make with my other sock yarns. My next pair will be Hedera, I think, using two of my Lorna’s…

Uh oh, Mum needs help with her iPod…

Wish me luck tomorrow! I’m gonna need it.

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