‘They’ say, apparently, that the worst day after a surgery is usually the third. It’s usually on the third day the body realises what’s been done to it, and reacts. Well, in my case, ‘they’ were right. Yesterday was unmitigated hell. My face was round as a basketball (nearly the same size, too) and my jaw hurt. I think I used half of the narcotics I was prescribed, just yesterday. Hence the lack of post.

Yes, I used ice religiously for the first two days. I also used heat religiously yesterday and today. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. For the first two days my ears were numb half of the day, from all the ice. Yesterday and today, I got to sweat buckets. I also got to change shirts three times. Fun.

Today wasn’t as bad, by comparison. I woke up in pain, took my horrible antibiotic and too much ibuprofen on no food (don’t chew me out, I’ve already done it, Mum’s already done it, it’s been done) and went back to a quasi-sleep. At noon, feeling horrible from lack of nutrition, I made myself get up and eat so I could swallow even more antibiotics and pain killers.

After 13 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise (no, seriously, I wish I were kidding), 2 hours of OPB, more ice cream than I ever wanted to see again and several episodes of Futurama, I’m almost ready to try and sleep again (yes, I’m tired, it’s just so hard to lay down).

To put off that difficulty for another few minutes, I’ll relay my knitting progress. I’m past the heels and onto the gussets of the Jaywalkers. I’m also onto the second skein of the back of my cotlin project. I really like working with the cotlin. It’s pretty soft and has a lovely drape. My only complaint is the frequent (but not overwhelming) pieces of tow flax in the yarn, which I yank out.

Considering the amount of veggie matter I’ve found in expensive yarns (Noro, Karaoke and Silky Wool, to name a few), finding coarse bits of actual fiber isn’t too big a complaint. Especially when one compares the prices.

Otherwise? Very little to relate. Still swollen (not as bad as it could be, I admit this). Still cranky. But at least there’s noticeable progress.

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