Well… 3 pair*. But that makes for a less dramatic title, doesn’t it?

Tonight was my last “Guild” meeting. Not that it’s been a guild for a long time (give or take a year), but we keep calling our weekly get-together such out of habit. Because I’m about to leave town, I had a bag full of things to give to Emmos (posters for her new house, tapestry bobbins for her next weaving classes, etc – and a pair of handknit socks). The socks, alas, no longer fit me after one of my relatives managed to shrink them in the wash. They were always a bit tight (gauge? what gauge?), but now they’re simply a size too small.

Luckily, Emmos is a shoe-size smaller than I, so the socks fit her:

Emmos, seemingly very excited, immediately put the socks on (with her sandal – a true Eugenian to the bone) and wore them home. Before that, however, one of us noticed that St M was wearing her latest FO’s – the tulip lace socks from Lace Style. And, as I tried on my Jaywalkers (frustrated with trying to measure their length the conventional way), St M insisted we get a picture of our handknit sock glory:

Okay, she may not have said the word “glory”. In any case, the Jaywalkers are nearly done (can you tell?). At this very moment I’m on the last toe decrease. I just need to finish them up tonight so I can figure out my next sock project for Madame deFarge’s tomorrow. I hear the siren call of two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in ‘Seaside’ calling my name.

Suggestions? I was thinking Hedera…

*2.9, in all honesty.

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