Sorry for the itsy bitsy pictures, but I’m on Portland free Wi-Fi at the moment, and since it’s offered by MSN it inherently hates Blogger. Sooo… clickies if you want to see them bigger.

We got up at 9 am when the movers arrived an hour early and started frantically packing (well, I showered first, I can’t say as much for my brother). After 4 hours of intensive boxing and sorting, the kitchen was packed and Mum and I were thoroughly exhausted. The boys hadn’t finished loading the truck and actually suggested leaving my stuff behind because ‘there wasn’t enough room’.

Right. Nuh-uh. Mum and I left about an hour earlier than the boys and, alas, I didn’t get to test my Contortionist Knitting abilities as I had hoped. The trip was stop-and-go the entire way, so I had to hold onto Lapis’ tank with both hands all the way to the house*. I suppose I could have tried knitting with my feet (I can write with my right foot), but it didn’t seem feasible as my feet were resting on two bags and ensconced in shoes. Thus is my sad excuse for not making any sock progress.

But, I do bring yarn p0rn! When we went to open the door of our new rental house, I noticed some interesting bulges in the doormat. Our nice postal worker had hidden several packages under the mat! That’s a first. Tammy, lovely wonderful person that she is, sent me Socks That Rock! I mentioned to her at the Harlot’s Powell’s event that I was severely disappointed that I had never managed to get Socks That Rock lightweight yarn in Puck’s Mischief, so she sent me some! How sweet is she? And it’s sooooo pretty…

I simply must cast on with this yarn ASAP. And I already have a ‘thank you’ gift arranged, mwahaha. Think lavendar-ish. Anyway, that little parcel totally made up for the 6 hours of sleep I got, packing, moving, unloading, and unpacking many, many boxes and huge pieces of furniture.

Back to the honking big furniture. Dad and Emm (and Charlie) arrived about 1.5 hours after us (Mum and I went grocery shopping in that time), and we immediately got to work, so that everyone would have a bed to sleep in tonight (and maybe some clothes to wear in the morning):

We didn’t quite manage the ‘clothes to wear in the morning’ angle for Mum & Dad as their dressers were the first pieces to be loaded on the truck. Since my stuff was the last to go in, and the first out (I think there might be some envy about that), so I actually have a furnished room at the moment:

All I need to do is summon up the energy to get up, walk down the hall, and put sheets on my bed, and then I can lie in a horizontal position for as long as I like.

Now there is a happy thought. Thank you everyone for the well-wishes, now I think I’m going to sit here and think about nothing. Toodle-oo.

*this did not prevent me from singing Irish ditties as loud as I could the entire way.

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