Didn’t get much done today, but I definitely feel better. It was cool and drizzly and humid all day, making work difficult – humidity and I aren’t fast friends. But, we managed to find the dog park at Mt Tabor (no one was there, of course) before taking Charlie back to Lauralhurst. No pictures today, sorry.

After that, and running around aimlessly some more (Mum and I are such experts at getting lost), I got around to meet Opus for tonight’s Sip’n’Knit at Knit/Purl. We had planned to meet at 5, grab some lunch beforehand, then go back to the shop. I ended up knitting for close to half an hour – Opus forgot how bad rush hour traffic on the Met can be. More knitting time for me, eh?

I didn’t manage to escape the store without spending money (who could?), but I kept the bill down by just getting two balls of Panda Cotton in “Seascape” – I’m hoping it’ll be a better match for Pomatomus than the Lorna’s was. Cross your fingers for me.

Small point of contention – Mum insisted on picking me up from the gathering. She has this thing about women walking anywhere, alone, at night. It was alright for me to take the bus into downtown, but nothing would convince her to let me take the bus home. Ahwell. Opus found it bemusing. I explained it away by citing the fact that Mum’s a Jewish Mother – it’s her job to worry about these things. I don’t mind it, but other people seem to have difficulty with it. Whatever, I guess we should all be glad she’s not their mother. I won’t deny that she drives me crazy at times (just look thru the archives), but I’ll grant her leeway on this point.

Anyway. Onto the toes of the Seaside socks – looking good. Hopefully I’ll get them finished tomorrow and blocked on my sock blockers (woot! first pair). Then I can get to casting on Titania’s Revenge… Mmmm, sock yarn.

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