Vancouver sucked. Drivers were crazy (and drunk). The guards at the celebration wouldn’t let me take my knitting needles in. We had to walk a 1/2 mi back to the car to put them back. People got increasingly drunk as darkness fell (shooting off more and more fireworks over our heads*) and one idiotic woman nearly ran over my brother.

Seriously – I had to grab his shirt and yank him back**. Mum was screaming (as were everyone else watching). That was when we decided to leave – in the middle of the fireworks show, too.

I managed a couple of shots before it was too dark (we arrived around 7 pm). Here’re Mum and Emm on top of the hill we sat on (however brief a period):

And here’s the view we had:

… right about where the car tried to drive over the hill, a couple dozen families, and my brother. Genius, really.

Sooo… haven’t gotten any knitting done. The majority of the day was spent at Jo-Ann’s and Home Depot. Both of which Mum and I have vowwed never to return to.

All in all, today sucked. I’m going to go and knit something. Screw startitis. I’m casting on whatever I feel like right now.

* there’s a reason these things are illegal in many states.
** which probably wouldn’t have helped in the long run – I was standing right behind him. Thank goodness Mum and several onlookers were screaming.

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