What a horrible day. 104 F.

We couldn’t find the power cord for our sewing machine anywhere (I swear we opened every box we could find), and called every store in Portland about obtaining another one. This was after I spent over an hour online, trying to psychically beg the Brother Intl. website to work for a 5 whole minutes together.

So, the closest store with a cord in stock was in Woodburn – 40 mi south of us. Mum has been trying to get several sewing projects done for days now (wow, sound familiar?), and we decided it would be worth the time to get it now, instead of waiting for a new one to be stocked in two weeks closer by.

We drive. And it sucks. A lot. I don’t know what’s up with the crazies on I-5 lately, but I’m beginning to think there’s some sort of airborne contagion localized to the Interstate that makes drivers psycho.

After a series of frustrating events we arrive at the Woodburn Sew & Vac. They start assembling the cord for us (apparently the power cord and the treadle are sold separately). During that time, Mum and I look around. We ask them for the correct type of bobbins, the lady staffer pulls out two bags behind the counter. Mum and I are excited, as the store is having a sale on Sulky threads, and carried several Clover tools I hadn’t seen before.

On leaving, a different route home was chosen. 99-E. This route was quicker, safer, and prettier. I recommend it, if you don’t mind stoplights in the towns.

We get home, planning to get to our separate crafting ventures after dinner. We make dinner and watch Eureka. After cleaning up, I locked myself in my room – planning to play on ravelry, knit and spin.

Dad knocks. The cord won’t work. Can I fix it?

I have no idea where my parents got the idea that I’m some sort of sewing expert, but they have it all the same. Oy. I don’t know.

It turns out the cord worked, it was the treadle that wouldn’t work. $50+ and 80 mi for a cord that won’t work. Mum was practically in tears and I just sat on the floor. We finally decided that it would be best to let Dad return the cord (Mum was livid). And the 2 bags of bobbins which, it turns out, don’t fit our machine.

What a stupid, pointless day. And I only managed to get an 1″ done on the booties for Beans. Arg. The booties, for your daily Knitting News, are nearly finished. They’re taking so long because I am a freak and am knitting them at 9 sts/ inch. But I swear I’ll get them done before the baby is too big for them.

Even if I have to knit through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow.

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