Today was one of those disconcerting, existential, surreal days. All day I felt wrong, like I was in the wrong body, living the wrong life. I couldn’t knit anything. I didn’t want to eat. And everything I touched turned to lead or broke.


To make matters worse, the family was snippy again and I finally couldn’t take it any longer. I snapped and started screaming. It wasn’t pretty. But I’ve since apologized and sat in my corner trying to psychoanalyze myself.

First thing I noticed? Analyzing oneself isn’t the easiest task in the world. Finally, I just admitted to myself that this is all probably part of the frustration of the move, being unemployed and still living with my parents.

Let’s add a ‘gavault’ to that ‘oy’ above.

But, to make matters somewhat easier on us all, I come bearing more pictures of the Portland parks, and the PNW, from Lake Oswego:

The last one is something pretty cool and amazing (even for the 10-year-Girl-Scout) – a holly tree growing out of the stump of a long-dead cedar tree. Now, I’ve seen young trees growing out of the stumps of old ones, but they’ve always been the same type of tree. It was really cool to see a holly paired with a cedar.

And, on top of the pretty greeness, I also come bearing yarn p0rn:

You are looking at the LAST TWO skeins of Shi Bui Sock “Orchid”. At the Sip’n’Knit tonight, I saw (omg, what’s her name?) walking by with an armload of too-beautiful-to-be-real yarn and immediately asked if those skeins were what I thought they were.

They are. They’re also the last two in the store. The other ones in the shipment have been on order for several knitters for the past 3 weeks. Realising this might be my last chance for another month (or more) to get the yarn I’ve coveted for weeks, I immediately pulled out my checkbook.

And, you want to know something sad?, they didn’t even ask for my name or address this time. They have it all memorized. This is a bad, bad sign. And Opus didn’t even stop me! Bad girl. She promised last week that she’d stop me the next time I tried to buy yarn.


After buying the yarn, waiting for it to be wound, and knitting a bit, we decided to leave at around 7:30-ish. I hadn’t eaten and Opus hadn’t eaten what we would call real food. And it was hot in there.

Just as we finished dinner and were leaving the restaurant, the sky opened and lightning laced across the sky in an eerily East-Coast-sort-of-way. The natives were all excited and immediately started counting between the flash and crash. I, instead, though about getting somewhere insulated.

Summer storms in D.C. meant either: A) flash floods, or: B) tornadoes.

But, I managed to get home (damp and frazzled) safe enough to lose my cool. Joy. I’m probably going to be hearing about this for weeks. Oh, well. It happens.

Tomorrow we get to clean the house because the landlord is coming by. Oooh, what fun. I’ll even give you the Peace Corps update tomorrow, to keep the next post from being completely boring.

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