And you just might hear the ‘thud!’ of my mother falling off of the wagon.

She tried to get a prescription for a narcotic today. Luckily the doctor was either incredibly clever or unbelievably incompetent, because he wrote the prescription out incorrectly. None of us tried to stop her from doing this since we didn’t know about it until it was too late.

The next week or two should be interesting. In a gum-gnashing, nail-biting, snippy sort of way.

I really wish someone would hire me already.

Until then, though, I shall knit like I’m being paid for it. Below are the Mystery Stole and my new traveling sock:

This sock is much better behaved than my last traveling socks and will thus be rewarded somehow. If you have any ideas on how to reward a sock, let me know.

Moving on. The landlord came by today, approved everything we’d done, and then left – all within 5 minutes. He’s definitely my kind of landlord.

The Peace Corps was not so obliging. Upon inquiring as to my medical clearance status, I received this reply from my medical screening aide:

At this time, your medical file will need further review by our staff specialist. After the specialists have completed their review a letter, confirming the status of your medical review will be sent.


I then called my medical screening aide, only to find that he wasn’t in his office and still hasn’t returned my call. Nice. I’m really going to have to start hounding these people more.

Good news? SKA has 350+ members on ravelry and we’re starting a year-long sock challenge in August. I’ve even received a positive reply from the designer I contacted in regards to contracting a Mystery Sock pattern for this fall/ winter.

Bad news? Er, I’m officially terrified of my Bloglines subscription page. I’m so far behind on my feeds that I’m into the triple digits. I have a feeling that I’ve missed some important stuff, too. I’ve also not managed to send out Crimson’s prize or Bulldogknit’s goodies for her son. I also haven’t forgotten the VACANT 1506 challenge, I’m just really really far behind on my plans. Expect it to emerge sometime in 2010 at this rate.

Someone please kick me.

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